Landlord FAQ

How much can Lisa save me?

High Street agents will typically charge 10% of the first year’s rent for new lettings and a further 10% for property management, totaling 20%. Lisa charges a flat rate of £10 for letting and 1% (exc. gocardless/bank costs) of rent for property management.

Example: On a property with a UK average rent of £921 per calendar month (£11,052 per annum), high street agents will charge £2,210. Lisa will cost £231.

What are the Government requirements for letting my property?
What are the steps to letting a property?
What is involved in property management?
  • Preparing the tenancy agreement
  • Organising and managing the collection of the tenant’s deposit
  • Preparing the inventory and conducting a state of repair assessment on the property
  • Checking in the tenant and agreeing the inventory
  • Collecting the rent from the tenant
  • Managing and arranging any necessary repairs
  • Inspecting the property periodically and feeding back any comments to you
  • Providing tenants with notice at the end of the tenancy
What materials need to be provided to the tenants?

Government How To Rent Checklist

  • AST lease
  • Inventory
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme certificate
  • Gas/electricity certificate
  • EPC
How to bring a tenancy to an end?
  • The landlord can serve a Section 21(1)b (notice requiring possession) giving at least 2 months notice before the last day of the expiry date (or break option date if relevant). This document is usually appended to the AST lease.
  • If the landlord wishes to retain the existing tenant, then a new AST lease agreement may be offered.
  • If the landlord (whether he served a Section 21 notice or not) does nothing to bring the tenancy to an end at expiry, then your tenancy will automatically become a Periodic Tenancy. A periodic tenancy is for a period equal to the rent payment periods (i.e. monthly) and continues indefinitely, until one or other party decides to terminate. This is done using a Section 21(4)a notice and also requires 2 months notice.
  • The balance of the deposit must be returned within 10 days of agreement on deductions (if any).
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